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Bone Inlay Furniture

If you are looking for bone inlay furniture Or bone inlay handicrafts than you came to the right place. KGN Exports House is a manufacturer supplier and exporters of bone inlay products, We have wide range of bone inlay furniture designs that’s perfectly suits your home, villa, indoor space, hotels etc ,. The bone inlay tradition in India is one of the richest in the world The classical tradition of bone inlay products was closely linked with culture. All major palaces of India -illustrate the rich tradition of Indian bone inlay furniture handicrafts. Our valuable customers can have this beautifully handcrafted bone inlay products from us. These bone inlay furniture are perfectly work out with brilliant handiwork expertise and serve as décor products. We have wide range of products in bone inlay furniture like center tables, coffee tables, stools, nightstands, dining tables, desks, sitting chair, cabinets, armoires, bedsides tables, casegoods, buffets, sideboards, chests, trunks, Drawers etc….

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    Beautiful Bone Inlay Console Table