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Brass Inlay

If you are looking for Brass Inlay on Marble or Wood than you came to the right place. KGN Exports House have a comprehensive range of Brass Inlays works. Offered in varied dimensions, shades and patterns, these Brass Inlays designed to the specific requirements of our diverse customers. Brass inlay give antique as well as ethnic looks. But at KGN Exports House we can create Brass inlay for contemporary look and with modern design. Brass inlay are perfect additions to create a particularly distinctive appearance to almost any inlay project. we offer this brass inlay in different styles & designs and can also be customized as per the needs of customers. We can use brass inlays in flooring, wooden door and furniture, table tops, tiles and many more.

Brass Inlay Flooring
Modern Brass Inlay Design
Decorative Brass Inlay Pattern
Brass Inlay Marble Table Top
Contemporary Brass Inlay Design
Brass Inlay Border
Brass Inlay in Flower Pattern
Brass Inlay Tile
Brass Inlay Tile Pattern