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Mosaic Carpet or Rug

If you are looking for Mosaic Carpets or Rugs Than you came to the right place. KGN Exports House is a company that grown through the years and regular research an enormous know how that allows for an amalgamation of style, technology and materials aimed to realize contemporary products. It is well known in the industry for reinventing the art of marble and stone mosaics carpets in an creative production, influencing and leading the realization of artistic mosaic carpets and rugs, with the strength to make every product We have wide range of traditional and contemporary designed of Mosaic carpets and rugs in very detail and depicts exclusive patterns. A mosaic carpets flooring is an art form using small pieces of colored stones, semi precious stones, tiles, or glass to render an artful design. A mosaic carpet flooring design is one that may consist of geometric design, or fractal or floral patterns Mosaics carpet flooring are characterized by the diversity of tiles laid together in a pattern we have experienced artisans who are doing it professionally, From the exterior cladding of luxury Villa, to the landscaping every KGN Exports House design collection is born from the team of unique creativity. We offer a amazing collection of mosaic carpet flooring that can be teamed with other stone to accentuate the entire ambiance. Our range include Mosaic carpet Flooring, Mosaic rugs, Table Top, Mosaic Medallion, borders tiles, interior designs etc.

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