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Semi Precious Stone Works

If you are looking for Semi Precious Stone Works than you came to the right place. KGN Exports House has many things from Semi Precious Stones & Gem Stone. Like bathroom counters, Slabs all types of table, dining table, conference table, table tops, kitchen counters, wall panels, mirror frames, wash basin, wash basin stand, bathtubs etc. and we have wide range stone from across the Globe. like- ruby, lapis, lazuli, sodalite, agate, quartz, tiger eye, petrified wood, malachite jasper, fluorite, amethyst, opal, chalcedony, etc...These semi precious stones express the character of stylishness, hi-class and beauty, are the ultimate touch of quality for any interior design for residential or commercial place, from classic to modern, a large range of textures and colors appreciate their beauty to fit any interior design. we can create customized unique, exclusive pieces with any sizes and also a wide range of applications including kitchen & bathroom areas, office place, counter tops, floors, walls, furniture and many more.

Semi Precious Stone Wall Panel
Agate Stone Wall Panel
Semi Precious Stone Wall Installation
Semi Precious Wall Panel
Agate Stone Wall Panel Design
Semi Precious Wash Basin
Semi Precious Stone Wash Basin Stand
Agate stone Wall Panel
Semi Precious Mirror Frame