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Flooring Design

If You are Looking for Marble Inlay Flooring or Pietra Dura Art Than you came to the right Place, KGN Exports House superior array of Marble Inlay Flooring And Designs which are deliver through hi-class cutting, designing. Our experienced artisans used advanced tools in cutting the marble into desire design which is then perfected polished to give it a excellent finish. Marble inlay flooring best Example is Taj Mahal, During the mughal empire this art was on its peak, From that time artisans have restored this art form, its basically decorating designs which has been made by mother of pearl, precious, semi precious, marble and stone. Marble Inlay Flooring add an unique presence to décor your Villas, buildings, commercial buildings, offices, mansions, etc. Due to which you get flawless finish on your marble Inlay flooring. Now you can add an astonishing appearance to your home with our exceptional floral designs. We have wide range of traditional and contemporary marble inlay exclusive patterns. We offer a wonderful collection of marble inlay products that can be mixed with other stone to create the entire beautiful ambiance. Our wide range include Marble Inlay Flooring, Glass inlay, Brass inlay, Marble Medallion, borders tiles, interior designs etc. Marble Inlay which is also called Pietra Dura in west world is very popular across the world. We have wide range of customized product, designed and Pattern as per client requirement. KGN Exports House is a leading marble inlay flooring service providers in India. we provide our services on all over India and all over the World.

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